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Title: VoIP Security
Author: James F. Ransome, John W. Rittinghouse
ISBN: 1-5558-332-6 (US)

Publisher: Elsevier Digital Press
402 pages, $49.95 US
Reviewed: Winter 2005/2006
This is not the VoIP Security book you are looking for. The first half of the book is a stale review of telephone and generic data networking technologies. Then the book bounces from topic to topic, touching on high level details and generalities, never actually providing any actual details on what to do about VoIP security. It says very little about VoIP. The level of detail in this book is about what your CIO probably knew before they paid you to go research the subject of VoIP security. Download a copy of Asterisk and install it on a Linux box and play around for a few hours ­ you'll learn more about VoIP security that way.
Rating: * /  1 out of 5

Title: Silence on the Wire
A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks
Author: Michal Zalewski
ISBN: 1-59327-046-1

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Publisher: No Starch Press
312 pages, $39.95 US
Reviewed: Summer/Fall 2005
There's a point of view that says we need to think "outside the box" to improve the security of the Internet. Zalewski offers an insightful set of vignettes into how we might go about doing this. Most of these ideas are not new but the book presents them in a very interesting context. If you want to start thinking about defending networks - by attacking them - this is a good read. He doesn't teach you to hack networks, but it's a very useful resource if you need to study the art of hunting the network for vulnerabilities.
Rating: **** /  4 out of 5


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